Saturday, April 3, 2010

lick up thatt dam sugarr tat got u sprung!

the host for that day!
Mr Imran Khan.
very nice guy..
booked 4 tickets on the front row seats of marina square GV when his drunk last night!
and waked up and realised is at the front row seats and booked another tickets at GWC GV..
wasted 4 (3D)tickets.. =S GG!
clash of the titans 3D
i'll give it 2.5/5 popcornsss =)

not much of the 3D expect for the wordings... hmmm.. kind of disappointing!
the ending was disappointing as welll.. oh my...
3D Glasses =)
aft movie, sushil went off.. and we went to "The Pump Room" for a drink
baileys! my fav drink! =)
mushrooms and fries!

cab over to timbre =)
my 1st time going over to this outlet.
its nice! i'll definitely come back here again.

cab over to work while the rest of the guys and gals went boat quay for chilling sessions.
cute teddy bear issit it?
it was given by the cab uncle who took frm
Fullerton hotel to Marriott hotel aft the chilling session at timbre.

last S.U.N.D.A.Y

JB with baby for his last min car servicing..
its baby's 1st time servicing at JB..
baby did LED at "night concept" the other day when
i went shoot near his work place with 9tro.


ITS SO CUTE.. looks like dardar's 2nd signature =X
look! cute right? lol =X
his signature is always so popular within my peeps who always reads my blog.

NEW MOVIE on the hero! must watch!
the hero shall be reveal today!

PS: i get my bro to cook noodles for me and i finished it within 1 min!
how bad is it for rushing my project! pls keep me in ur prayer!

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