Friday, March 26, 2010

lunch with mates.

Hello folks. sorry for the long updates. i was really busssy.

Lots of picturess for you now and wait for my returns ♥♥♥

oh purple hair becomes red now! mad~
darling asked me to stay at home and be pretty while waiting for her arrival.

so i started cam whoring...


headed down to 313 for lunch.

lunch at @ say CHEEzE!

Jeff wearing his formal wear as he got a meeting later!

Bren, monkey see monkey do!

Jeff: pls la.. help me buy 1 la.. jus one.. one.. one! den over my target alrdy

Darling: i told you i don wan alrdy! *PISSED*

Credit: Tiffany

Inspired by Ah Neh and Yong Ming.

why darling got food? where's mine?

now my turn =X my baby ribs! *thumbs up!*

ended up our main choices with....

Lychee! Lychee!

and chocolate Cheeze cake.

look! such a gigantic puma shoe!

went to dardar's workshop aft lunch till 7pm
and got a car shoot with 9tro at 7.30pm..
its a new car magazine that is publishing soon =)

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