Tuesday, September 22, 2009

just came back home frm dardar's shop.
sorry for the short posts lately.. hahaha.. kindof lazy to blog..
another reason is at dardar's place.. i still prefer my own lappy! wahaha..

20 September 2009 (日)

thanks BB.. i enjoied my long weekend wit euuu...

JB trip after kinokuniya *^^*

its a sunny yellow banana day!

after a lil shopping...
headed for our dinner....
ya.. its stone grill again! must try!
its located at basement one of city sq =P

my babydardar!

busy BB!
im too hungry to do anything =X


we have something in common is that......
we jus cant sit still !!!! XOXO
Yummmyyy ! :D
BB starving...
b4 i start eating my meal, he finished his rice le..cute baby!

aft dinner.. went shell.. mian yang need pom pom and dinner too =)
met Monsta, Jiawei, Ken, imes and one of their fren there
TCSS and baby sent me home right after!

18 October 2009 (六)

baby went F1 briefing at 8am...
aft that he came back to fetch me..
jus finished pom pom...
me with ZERO makeup ZERO editing...
everybody wants to be pretty... nobody dare to look ugly by tking out thier "MASK"
I DARE! ≧▽≦

went kino with baby!
walked around to look for our tea break, ice cream..etc
so sweet...! LOVE u dardar!

17 October 2009 (五)

dinner at HK cafe aft my work.

yuan yang and milk tea (。◕‿◕。)
our favourtie!
LOVE LOVE* peanut toast bread
Headed to mustafa for a lil shopping and headed to baby's place!

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