Monday, September 21, 2009

At BaBy's place now.. haahaa..staying over tonight again.. have been staying for days le..
long weekend for me.. today holiday! tml no school for group A! wahaha...
sorry daniel, ah neh, jeff and rest have to go sch for IT lesson at 8.30am tml..
poor dearest! =X

anyway, i jus got my result few days ago..
this semester is damn fast la! so fast get result le..hmmmm...
i was so shock to get MDIS letter on my desk... i tot what stupid advertisment..
but when i open alittle of it.. i actually saw the result slip...! omg omg....
i was damn damn nervous.. more nervous than the other time when im see my result..
i know i did it badly.. and im damn damn scared tt i will get Sub-paper for it...

BUT BUT but!!!! i PASSED! can u feel how happy am i?
i got...
Business law - D
Principle of marketing - B

BL is the only paper that require us to answer 7 question as the rest of the paper only need 5.
it's a very difficult paper i can say.. i took 1 week to study the damn paper.. and only left with one day to study my marketing paper.. im so surprise to see that i got "B" for it.. all of us don understd the ques.. so do i.. i jus write whateva i can as the understding of the ques..

im happy tt i passed the paper.. its beyond my xtimation!

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