Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back frm MIA!

- ying ying! dardar's sis's baby gal! -

- the day i met you is the day i met myself. -

- bought mooncake fer dardar's mummy! -

- wen chinese garden wif dar's family -

- yingying want more balloons,OMG! -
- everyday paperwork~ -

- sick sick *cough* =X -
hmmm.. having flu,sore throat,headache and ulcer at my gum! OUCH~!*hate hate*

went supper wid max n dardar at east coast carl's junior last night.. yummy! i ate e whole burger! haas.. i've a guy stomach on me.. =X aft supper we went to pick max's dream gal at tampines for a drink at pasir ris.. GOSH~ im damn tried n sick too~! sobx.. aft sending dem back hm we rush back hm..
- dardar always haf fond calls during dinner, early in da morning etc.. poor dar **SAYANG** -
- max! dardar's blood brother -

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