Monday, September 8, 2008

piss off!

Sun- work!

- bubble suntanning AGAIN! good life~ -

- in da car gg town -

-baby's nerdy face! -

we went KFC fer dinner, our table was damn dirty so we pack it n put it on da other table.. wen i was packing.. i went to put an empty cup on the table wher tt BITCH (above) sitted.. i didnt saw her sitting on the table cux von was in front of mi.. den wen von move away.. den i saw her.. i said sorry n wanted to tk e cup.. i did not did it on purpose.. i did apologise twice..! but she took the cup and bang it on e other table.. and gimme a damn fucking face n even stare and "gin" mi.. i was damn angry.. i told her tt i did apologise lo! she ignore mi.. den went her bf came back.. she complain to her bf tt i put da cup on the table on purpose etc.. and said tt my voice sounds lyk cat etc... wat da fuck! i did APOLOGISE and i did even say SORRY twice! wat e fuck she wanna say mi till lyk tt.. arghh~!! damn angry ar~!! spoilt my mood! arghhh~hpfmm..!

wed - b4 went TAKA wid dardar..took sum snap shot..

- 4 plus le.. dar still haven pick mi up fer lunch.. hungry women is an angry women.. haha.. -

- baby wore the zara shirt tt i bought fer him, MUACKIES! -

- NO pets allowed.. sorry~! -

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