Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shopping spree!


wen shopping wif von von tdy..yuppx! i must spend more time wif my dearest lovely colleagues.. simply love them lots! i jus told cindy(manager) tt i decided to quit.. as i need to let her noe in advance so tt she can look fer staff.. she's a v v nice manager.. i reali don bare to leave there.. but i haf to................ have to seek fer better career advancement opportunties and exposure ='( they're all so so nice to mi...! i LOVE them! arghh~!!!

- aft work, gg fer shopping! -

- 1 of the top i bought.. FAV! wid lace! -

- didnt bought tis... do u think its nice?? wid lace wor! -


- dinner at simpang~ -

- missy cat stare at us till we finish our food,argh! i dont lyk cats! -

- we still haven give her food, guess she's tried le.. -

- NAH! mam mam for u! -

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