Tuesday, September 30, 2008

scare of my life!


in da morning i went to da toilet to wash up..and i came out.. ITS A SHOCK OF MY LIFE!! i saw a cat!!! A CAT!!! i HATE cats~!!! OMG~ its outside of my room!! arghh~!! i went to scared da cat.. and it went dwn da stairs.. i saw all my doors n windows r close.. so i went dwn to open e windows n door.. N IT WENT UP AGAIN~!!! and i heard alot of banging.. dropping of things..etc.. i shouted my bro but no one answered mi, so i asume he went to sch arldy.. car is nt at hm, so guess my dad is out too.. im all alone at hm by myself! o.O gosh... i cried! i seriously hate cats.. n im scared of dem.. they looks evil to me... =( i called mummy.. she said tt e cat is no long there.. mayb went out of da window of the toilet.. aft hanging up.. i went to e stair again.. i HEARD e cat meow-ING~ OMG... i ran back to da sofa... i tried to call my fond cux i left it outside of da toilet..tried if da ringtone scares da cat away.. NO!!!! arghh~! aft 30mins my savour! DADDY IS HM! he ask mi wat happen.. i told him tt a cat is upstairs..! n he wen to chase it away.. e cat went in daddy's rm..as all our doors is closed expect my dad's room.. haas...
check tis out...~

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