Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the house bunny

went out to catch a movie on 27 sep , THE HOUSE BUNNY! Really awesome..

The story is essentially about a Playboy Bunny who gets kicked out of Playboy Mansion for being supposedly "old". Apparently, being a 27-year-old is like 59 in bunny years - well at least it's not as bad as dog years! Fate then brings her to teach an awkward group of college girls from the sorority house called Zeta about the opposite sex as they try to become popular enough to reach the minimum amount of 30 pledges needed to keep their sorority house. By being popular, it means to dress up as sexily as you can to get the attention of the opposite sex.One of the funniest characters to watch out for is Carrie Mae played by Dana Goodman as she tried twice to get a guy's attention in a club with her "kinky" pick up lines and "seductive" movements. She sure did grab his attention, but in a way that will certainly leave you wanting her to hit on more guys.Packed with comical lines, it definitely makes an entertaining watch (if you're not so much into the skimpily clad girls or over-revealing cleavages on offer). The story is stitched together with hilarious lines such as "I love charity. One time, I even let Bob Saget grind on me" and "The eyes are the nipples of the face".Clearly in the end, the moral of the story is - to be yourself; and it's what's on the inside that matters. This obvious lesson brought up by Shelley absolutely contradicts the first three quarters of the movie as it focuses on the girls baring their breasts and looking like prostitutes.

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