Wednesday, September 3, 2008

random post

**random post**
sorry to all my loyal readers..haven blog since last wed.. com kena virus.. but no worries~ my bro is a computer expert haha.. thkx kor~! i'll let my picx do more talking...

wen vivo (wed)

- dardar kena say by me, hahax -

- bought tis for dardar, frm zara -

- jus look at the crystal! -

- shopping spree -

- our dinner, bak ku teh -

MC day (thurs)

- wen work wid dardar -

- help him on his work -

- she's damn tried, hahax -

- wen comex wid dardar, my bro n gf -

- tis is damn cool~! hw i wish arcade will haf tis!~ -

- mummy's fren da bao fer her..acc mummy eat her dinner while we're waiting fer pizza.. yuppx AGAIN! -
working (sat)

- nose bleed..sobx.. my dear von bought mi tis yucky drink, thkx sweetie -
tis day is tanny's last day~!! arghh.. yes, i CRIED.. i love her.. i miss her.. don bear to see her leave..sobx.. tanny, thkx fer everytin..~!! we've learnt alot frm u.. we'll miss u damn badly de.. use to haf u around..crap jokes.. scold aloysius..share food tgt..plan things tgt..etc.. i miss eating breakfast wid u.. haix.. didnt wan to see u n hug u tt day is bcux i hate to see u leave.. i cant stop crying wen i see u o think of u... hmmm.. but we understand.. ur children need u more than we do.. =') ** u're always in our heart~! **
went market wid mummy & attending wedding dinner (sun)
- tis uncle talking to himself.. look wat is he wearing.. past police uniform,hat,socks wid slipper.. (-.-!) -
dardar's fren's wedding dinner
- gift -

- my new done nails -

work (Mon)

- breakfast -

work (tues)
- thks to sean.. drop his pack of milk on my feet **PAIN PAIN** -

anyway, i wanna thkx my working laogong (sean) fer getting panadol for me.. having TERRIBLE menses cramp today.. fucking pain.. the pain is unbearable.. almost faint! *OUCH* and thks aloy for helping me to get KFC wen i onli need milo.. haha.. cute boi.. wanna go get sum rest alrdy cux its almost 3am! and dardar is slping like a pig nw.. haha..nitex~!

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