Friday, August 1, 2008

✖conversation wif my ex✖

me n nicholas conversation..!

Him: hey.. did u read the top msg i type just now?? haha
Me: huh.. wat?
Him: u know something.. my current gf always compare with u de..
Me: she noe mi mehx?
Him: noe.. u very famous de lor
Me: ???
Me: hw?

Him: aiya.. she tends to say i love her cannot be comparable to u
Me: wat did u tell her?
Him:last time friendster lor
Him: i never tell her wor.. is she read those friendster comments den she feel
Me: pls la.. mi n u its a past le.. u n her 3yrs le.. she still don trust ur feeling's mehx?
Him: ........
Him: she is like that de
Him: she will tend to feel that after all i loved u the most among all my gf.. which is quite true la..
Him: i didn't really deny it..
Him:cause didn't wanna bluff her
Him:because of u la!!! haha
Him: break my heart..
Me :my fault???!!!
Him: lol
Me:i break ur heart????

Him:no la.. Jking
Me: rmb wat u did in e pass hor...!
Me: hpfmmm...
Him:ok la.. my fault la.. SORRY!!!
Him:that time still young.. don know how to think ma.. stupid ma
Me:no cure..! jus don treat ur gf lyk tt too.. k?
Me: young??? 20+ still young?
Him:i never treat her like that lor
Me:diao lo..
Me:good! beta don!

Him: actually i really regreted so much.. how good would it be if i can have another chance..
Him: oh ya.. how's the necklaces i gave u??
Him:still with u??


anyway, i let my mummy wore it... ^^ too many necklace le.. thkx for tt expensive christmas present! **WINK**

LASTLY.... **drum**

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