Sunday, August 3, 2008

✖a bit corrupted✖

Reading some of moi frens encounters with a certain important friend makes me ponder abt friends around me. I do not have friends like them whom they hug and cry together, organize stay overs at each other's place on weekends or press on my door bell at 3am to comfort me after hearing my unhappiness. "I always believed that, how others treat you = how you treat them" - I tot it is really true. All of us try to shower love to everyone ard us, but hw often do you get back all the love you gave out? But again, everyone took that risk to be nice, knowing reciprocation is indefinite. Because only through taking the risk, will you pick the ones to keep and to treasure.
I've not met a single friend for weeks/months..No wonder people are always complaining about "disappearing friends" as they moved into each new stage of their lives. Here, I'm not saying that my friends had "disappeared" but that everyone has a life of their own to lead and without common connections binding us on the same path of life, somehow, they seem to depart from around you, moving into your memory. ^^*
i'll burn my stress n tots away - Make my life a little more interesting starting this week!
hmmm, anyway i help baby dyed his hair at his hse tdy.. i seems tt he don trust my skills! hfpmm.. **sadded** but it turn out to be nice! heex,, even e mummy oso wan mi to dye her hair the next tym round...
dardar, BLEAHX! =P oh ya baby, i forget to get tips frm u..for dying,washing and condi ur hair... cheap cheap 50bucks la!! =X
baby, althought we jus met.. but i started to miss u le.. u're e most most wonderful guy i've ever met.. sorry for my stubborness tis few days.. jus cant help by nt seeing u..*sobx*

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