Thursday, July 31, 2008

★passed my BTT★

YAWN! i got up v early tis morning bcux of my BTT...sleep ard 2plus last night.. -.-zZz was viewing sum pictures which mi n moi colleagues took tdy in shp.. and was fliping thur de book over n over again..was so nervous~.. heard frm others tt 3 ques wrong consider failed.. don wanna waste money to book again... wen to book second time le.. cux de first time didnt went due to school... lolx..aft dardar drop mi outside de driving centre...i went in heart beats so fast.. arghh..! jus couldnt cool myself dwn..during e so exicited to noe my result.. but haix............... I GOT IT~ I GOT IT~!!! (hula hoop.. hula hoop..) I PASSED! haas... 1st tin i did was to call my dardar.. lolx.. he was so happy fer mi.. yuppx! wen to book fer my FTT den went to work wif dardar..

my poor dar dar is sick... pls pls tc of urself... if nt i'll nag till u recover..heehee..**adore my baby** anyway, i bought u Hershey chocolate to tempt u... must recover fast fast if u want tt.. i love u so so much laOgong! love e movie (money nt enough 2) we watched jus touching... we must prove to our both mummys' tt we confirm guarantee chop wont treat them lyk tt de... we will cherish,treasure and dote dem fereva..

- baby get well soon -

- with real friendship in my face -


- Laughter is contagious -

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