Sunday, July 27, 2008

✖terrible day ✖

today felt so terrible and moody.. da yi ma came to visit mi..arghh! hate tt e most.. always so so painful AH.. cannot eat painkiller either.. some says no good.. beta to listen den regret ba..haas.. its killing mi wen im at work..! aH~!! make mi so moody.. luckily im working AM shift.. cn go back hm and rest..hmmm... didnt wan to eat lunch tdy.. so,during my break tym i wen to storeroom n rest.. e surprise is..!! my lovely manager Tanny Tan, wen to buy ai xin mos burger fer mi.. haiyo.. so sweet ar..long Q she force mi to eat lo..^^ and the most paiseh tin tt.. they ask mi if moi dardar fetching mi hm tdy.. i said no and i cried.. *ai ku gui* sean la~!! say tt y is he nt there fer mi wen i need him the most.. haiyo.. heartache! dunno if its coincidence o wat.. weneva i need dardar e most he's always nt there fer mi.. =( even if i need to talk to him.. he's always bzy.. haiz.. **sadded** DAR, i didnt blame u.. i didnt did it on purpose by nt picking up ur calls.. i jus don wanna let u noe im crying..jus let mi cool dwn fer a moment n i'll be fine..cux i noe i'll b v emo and moody tis week.. sorry moi dear..! love ya!

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