Saturday, July 26, 2008


yuppx! jus finished creating my blog.. its moi 1st tym having my own blog.. learning all by myself to create it..! tt was so so tough.. and FINALLY its done!! **sweat**

*woot* time passes so fast.. its our 7th month and 2 days le.. (01:18am) hmmm.. didnt blog on ytd cux aft moi work.. dar dar brought mi to kallang leisure park fer SUSHI! -wo de jui ai!- heex...aft dinner, we went fer lancer meetups at punggol and west coast... hpfmm.. but its suppose to be our day! rite??!! k la.. give in lo... =x hmmm... by d tym we reach hm alrdy 3plus 4am! **koon-ing mode le** zZzZz

daRdaR... tis mth we haf
quite alot of misunderstanding here n there.. but we've gone thur it le.. heex..
we'll make it thur every ups and downs; thin and thick k..? baby,sorry for moi
stubbornness..always make you upset.. dui bu qi la...! wo shi ai ni de...!
anyway,dardar.. i'll always be by urside to support u de.. let mi noe if u need
any need k..? don keep everytin by urself.. im her to share ur fan nao.. don
think too much abt ur family and ur long as u already try ur best..

.-* my outfit for ytd *-.


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