Monday, December 27, 2010


baby didnt make any plans,
so i call out an outing,
since casper (baby's fren) has no plans,
so do my GF (olivia).
went IT show,
baby bought me hard disk ^^

and olivia bought lappy..
cux there are some purchase with purchase thingy,
we travelled to suntec to get her stuff.

but when we reached,
she realiase its close on public holidays =X
so, we went shopping.
girls with girls and guys with guys.
this outfit looks like a couple shirt, like what my bf wore on top?
hahaha.. its frm GUESS.. too expansive to purchase it. =(

But i bought olivia a very lovely bag frm GUESS!
i think its SO her! ^^ cam-whore while she's changing. hahahaha..
think its quite nice when she wore that,
so, i asked to try too since she brought two different colours in.

i told her, both also nice.. and she bought BOTH!

my fav pic of the day!!!

while waiting for her to change other clothes..
bought the things we wanted and contiune our journey!

its flower clip caught my eye.. but yet.... i didnt get it.

i dunno if it suits me.

went fountain of wealth.

its seems like chinese new year more than christmas.

aft crabby dinner!!!
we went miss you cafe!
the photo's below are caught by casper.
was sick n moody. didnt bring my camera dwn.

for gift exchange.
he won a magic pen frm my BF.

extra throw in frm me.

if dunno, goggle. hahaha
my gift frm olivia, but its for guys.
so i give it to my bf. and tk my own gift =X

casper's gift to olivia.
very expansive gift.. double our limit of gift exchange.

lucky her.

baby did MAGIC!

on casper's note! LOL. he panic.

xoxo Picture of the day!

Lets welcome the year
which is fresh and new,
Lets cherish each moment it beholds,
Lets celebrate this blessful New year.
Merry X-mas readers!


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