Monday, December 27, 2010



Admission Rules:

• No photography, video and audio recording is permitted.

• Latecomers will only be admitted at an appropriate point of the show.

• No admission for infants in arms and children age below 2 years old. Free admission for children age 2 to 3. Children age 4 and above must purchase tickets for admission.

• No food or drinks is allowed in the auditorium.

• Please switch off your mobile phones and other beeping devices.

Its my first time watching a real-life circus/acrobatic/theatre performance. To be honest, I was having a conflict if I should watch this show, after all, i did not regret it! PLUS Resorts World makes it as a circus theatre spectacular!

thanks mummy for the tickets!
PLUS i helped mummy to put on falsies ^^

now you know why, we're so scared of her? LOL

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