Thursday, October 21, 2010

tiffanyg's nails at franc glamour




am going to meet Francine to get my sponsored nails done.
my outfit for today =)

she's an student from the pink room.
i guess u guys are familiar with.

she's so proud of her newly bought camera!
its definitely, suitable for girls like us who loves to cam whore!
omg, its a new addiction!
im poisoned by her new toy.
omg, pls stop tempting me!

if im not wrong its samsung G6?
cost almost $700.
*heart ache*
spent 4hrs doing these gorgeous nails.
im a very impatient person, that cant sit still when doing my hair frm treatment to dye.
i'll be damn mad at myself by torturing myself =X

but im so surprise that the 4 hrs was like a blink of an eye.
i didnt realise it was that long.

as i was talking to her all the way...
i didnt feel any tiny little bit of impatient.

i simple love my acrylic nails.

can u believe it that it contains 99 swarovski diamond?!
YES! i've counted.

there is an mixture of BIG, medium and small SDiamonds.
i've checked the market price outside.

for the BIG ones are - $3 each.
and the small ones for - $1 each.

OMG! i didnt know that it was SO expansive!
meaning jus for the diamonds its alrdy cost $100 over???
what abt the acrylic nails???
total - $200 over?

are u kidding?! who will spent so much money on nails?!
i think i can do alot of things with $200 over!

BUT! hahahahaha...
u're my readers! and i love you!
i wont disappoint you all,
and will always bring good deals jus for you!

Get a set of gitters acrylic nails extension for jus $50!!!

As for the price of a similar set of my nails are going for jus

YES...yes! sit down sit down....

you dont have to get ur spectacle.. yes, it only cost you $120!

this is Francine.

lady boss of franc glamour.

cant stop showing my beautiful nails!

these are some of the nails that she've done.

seems like a candy.

leopard prints.
my fren, evonne's nails.
there's no ugly women, only lazy women.

for more photos vist their facebook at:
their website

The extensions promotion is ending soon so grab your last chance to beautify your nails now!

Contact her at
for enquiries and appointment booking!

im sure, it will be ur next addiction...♥♥

Diamond are women's best friend!

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