Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fight for your happiness


work as usual.


went out to do my nails.
(will do an adv soon ^^)

met up with chloe for dinner then shopping before heading to work.

she wanted cam-whore in the office.
cux she brought her camera.. hahaha.. so cute and random. =)

its a girls things!

chloe and jihui supposed to come over to my place at 2pm,
and i waited till 4plus...

so i did my mask 1st.

and waited..................................................................... >.<>
the smiley face is there for a purpose. >.<

went bugis, wanted to get some stuff.
dinner at jerk thai.
one word, disappointment.
jihui went home,
chloe and i went work.

dardar came with a bunch of frens.
apparently, he only noe 2 guys. LOL
and i got them a bottle of blev.vodka which my customer transferred it to me.
thanks ice man!
went neverland, previously was sparks? hahaha
was there with a fren when it was still sparks. call me ah lian, watever k?

its my first time to neverland, i think its dardar's too..
so, many of my frens are addicted to thai disco, i don understd y.
think bcux of black magic???

i mean no harm, but jus think abt it..
issit worth to buy flowers for the singer
when u don understd any single thai frm thier mouth?
**roll eyes**

got a msg frm chloe, its doesnt seems good.
i call her, she met an accident.
(she) reckless driver's car spins 180 degree and
hit the back of the bumper and side of the car towards the railing.
she and all her frens are shocked and went speechless,
fortunately, everybody jus save.. phewww....

dardar fetch me over to her fren's chalet and i went to checked on her and her dad's car!
she was damn worried!
scratches here n there, car plate drops, alignment went off.. etc

dardar drove her car ard to checked on it... try to solve the prob and headed home.
damn exhausted! reached home ard 5am!!!!!!!


woke up in the afternoon,
had lunch downstairs baby's place.
i love their hokkien mee with xtra chill...! its awesoommmeee!
dardar always "WA" at the amount of chilli i had =X
this is the pendant my mummy got me for my 21st birthday.
a key of heart shape.
i love it.
heading towards custom.
YES! malaysia again!!!!!!

we haven been there for 1month pls le la,
hao bu hao?!
aft shopping,
dinner at sushi king!
i love sushi!
dardar placing chopsticks!
its a candid shot.
evil baby, i love!
its not what i feel for you,
its what i dont feel for anyone but u.
i think i fall in love again, to the same guy....

ordered baby's California rolls.
my fav raw salmon!
yakult guava?
fried sotong.
dardar love sotongs! keekekee...
his fav soft shell crab!
i've tried a few stalls of soft shell crabs in s'pore, including st james.
but they cant compare to this!
its not as oily as others.
baby only eat cooked food. hahaha
cooked salmon.

went for massage aft the whole terrible week for baby,
i think he needs massage badly but always didnt want to waste money on it,
(cus i massage better! xoxoxo)
so, i decided to give him a treat!
right aft massage.
this is the must must stall we have to visit before heading back to s'pore!
that is "LOK LOK" !!!!!!
even if we're full like this.

and this is the amount we always eat! =X
simple bcux i love this!
mad love.

PS: Once u love someone, their name is permanently tattooed on your heart.
No matter how bad u try to erase it, it'll always remain there.

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