Thursday, September 9, 2010


pls beware of this girl using email of added me in MSN. (i tot its my fren so i accpected the request)

1. she told me she got lots of events jobs and didnt want to tell the the events company name (nvm)

2. she asked if i cant work on some events which is sent thur msn - its was rather complicated, so i requested for email instead. she said theres problem in her email (nvm)

3. i told her i'll be free for an BMW events which is located at the hotel where some events of poker showdown? or something booked that particular hotel. and wanted those girls to shoot in bikini since there is a nice swimming pool etc... curious why BMW events is at a hotel and not some car shows?! yuppp.. i did prompted her with the ques and she said. its a pte event that we have to tell those guest abt the specification on the car models. (i think they usually know better then us!)

4. she asked me to show her my body on webcam to proved that i have no visible tatoos and scars! (WTF?) i rejected.

5. and wanted to meet me up for some body check in toliets? (FHL, think im some 3 yr old kid.)

6. i didnt wanting to pursue this matters but she just ask me on msn AGAIN.

i dunno if she's for real or what. but i think girls shld be aware of this. i jus type her email on FB. no DP and have almost all female frens, which some of it were my frens.
so my dear fren, pls be aware! dont sent your com cards tooOOoo! im one of the victim =(

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