Thursday, June 24, 2010

♥sweet 22nd birthday♥

finally so many days of celebration and
this is the day of my actual birthday!

swensens after school with peeps.


our new fren. li qing

i think he looks like a guy frm "xing guan da dao"

楊宗緯 Aska Yang Zhong Wei..

gay partners.

father and daughter =X

my best pals! =)

always share our sercets tgt!

li qing having KFC?

my 3 candle of this year!

jeff passed my ice cream to him


he blew my candles!!!!


and he light it up...

sang me birthday song and i blew it AGAIN~

went home to change =)

mummy drive me to east coast seafood jumbo =)

louis is there too..

and dardar was late!
i tot he cant make it ^^

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