Tuesday, June 15, 2010

redang trip part three

darling jus uploaded these pictures..
this will be the last entire on our redang trip.

darling and her mummy.
me, hareen, jeff, darling and her mummy!
daniel, man fen and brendan.
darling so power!
can tk so many ppl in a go..
i tot i wont be able to be in so i posed like tt =X

darling want me to tk with this sunflower.
she said my outfit suit tt =X

my fav hut.

brendan alone cux jeff daddy q-ing for our snorkeling equipment =)
and i asked brendan to tk this pic!
asking him to tk while sitting on it..
but he scream said very hot! wahaha..
but i said the picture sure turn out to be very nice de..
den he guai guai de..

on the boat .

bed time =)

saw this while walking along the sea.
nice right? but i dont think we're allow to bring them home too..
doesnt wan to harm this pretty thingy =)

our essential.

bren's birthday on the 9th =)
we got him a cake!
awful cake =X sorry.

see you,redang!

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