Friday, May 28, 2010

Living Loving Laughing

Went dinner with darling on Wednesday aft her Casino =)
actually gonna have our abalone on tt day de but Fed lost money,
so i suggested not to eat..
and darling brought me to somewhere nice ^^

we got colour pencils to shade our orders!

cant rmb when is the last time i held a colour pencil.. hahaha..

the prices and reasonable =)

located near laselle.

darling msging her dear dear.

my lychee blend ^^

while waiting for my dinner!

i drew this*

Base: Spaghetti

Main: Grilled Dory Fillet

Sauce: Chilli Crab

darling's pouch!

*YUCKS* i hate the fly~

On the same day, i headed home aft school,

a large green fly flew into my bag! GOSH!
i was SHOCKED!!! tts is when i saw her fly's pouch and i hate it!

disgusting right? =X

aft tt, darling sent me to work =)

love my killer heels!


sch as usual in the morning.

meet up with vinna and madeline for lunch at pizza hut,
tgt with my classmates =)
last min,i gonna go casting at RWS..
was kinda rushing, so i went to change to another outfit and wore my slipper there =X
ya.. slipper! i got no choice and went to jean yip for wash and blow hair services before heading.

wore this tgt with my slipper! =X

dinner with Fed as darling couldnt join us.. hmmm...
you shld noe, they placed BF infront of frens.. hahaha..

rojak prawn prawn?

shark fin.

and the 2 headed abalone!
and headed to Labrador for topless meetups.
i swear they're damn fast~!!! *thumbs up*

Fed was looking at toys at the kiosk,
and this caught me eye! its a CD pouch! very unique!
look at the size of the body?! lol.. so cute~ jus helping to check the updates of traffic..
tts a power of iphone!
anywhere.. anytime..

headed home at 4plus am! *exhausted!*

PS: Hello spammer, are you expecting a reply or are you trying to just bring me down and feel happy about it? Haha, I dont know, if it's your lousy way of doing it. You know what? I just can't be bothered with all these, I've a happy life and that's all that really matters. And I do NOT owe you an explanation of what I do.

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