Friday, February 5, 2010

Down with sickness

New year is ard the corner now.. have you got your new year clothes?
me? nah.. dont think im getting anything..

went shopping with mummy and Qui Ping ytd..
Qui Ping got a lovely dress! but i dint get tt.. it was too loose for me.. =X
got 2 casual and simple dress ytd.. definitely not for new year.. hahaha..

shld be going Rebel tonight with peeps.. but im down with sickness! arghhh..
woke up 3am with a terrible sore throat.. den with fever and block nose..
hate the feeling of being sick.. headache like non-stop hits, flu like running water,
sore throat like foc..

cant go club..
cant go work..
cant go gathering..
cant eat the things i want..
sick sick go away... pls...

thanks readers for staying tune to my blog everyday..
Drink more water.. and dont get sick before new year, else you wont be enjoying.
♥ ♥ ♥

PS:Quite impressive of your jealousy act! Grow up kid!
This wont lead you anywhere.. ^^

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