Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lunch at Ikea today!

reached sch at 8.25pm when class started at 9am.
blur blur me...overlooked =X

we got 3 hours of break time.. so went IKEA for lunch..
Adrian, Brendan Jeff and me.
Jeff on diet? =X

they're craving.
me and adrian first time eating it..

nothing special for us =X
Jeff's hospital food.. hahah..
Salmon =)
Adrain's Chicken Wing and Salad.
mine and brendan's =))
we LOVE chilli~
that day went shopping with darling and jeff..
i saw alot of my lovely Blythe doll placed at the shop..
so, i couldn't resist to tk a pic of it =XXX
and i rmb when i was in college, i did twice of my presentation on Blythe dolls..
baby, even bought me as a gift 2 years back.. although its a small one but i love it!

wasnt putting any make up for the past few days in school..
actually i dont like the feeling of power or even creams on my face..
jus doesn't felt comfortable..


when back to my bedok house to pack some stuff..
look at these gorgeous flowers at my home..
LOOK! all our things are outside now!
i climb up the cupboards and slowly throw our thingss down pack by pack..
cant finish all in a day.. so, we will come back another day..
i was searching for Bubble (my dog) everywhere... EVERYWHERE....
the entire house! i shouted and scream for him.. i jus couldn't find him!
did my dad sell him off? he's dead? where is he?????
daddy is at china... argghhhh..
BUBBLE.. i miss you! sorry....

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