Tuesday, January 5, 2010


went shopping with mummy and louis!
ya.. again he wore that shirt..
cux its frm me ma.. =)

seems like very thick lower lashes i've got..
tie up my hair tdy.. weather very warm!
are we going to the jungle?

what you gals looking at?
anyway, im supposed to be free frm tdy onwards..!
cux i've jus quited one of my jobs out of 4 jobs.. LOL..
HATE office jobs..
it doesnt suits me at all!
anyway, i and my colleagues always thinks tt most of the offices gals are all FUCK UP..
they seriously have attitude problem.. i dont wan to be one of tt too.. hahaha..
yuppiiee.. i did mention im free! so date me! haha..

PS: can you copy my latest post? xoxo..

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