Thursday, December 31, 2009

kiss the PAIN away..

I write because I can
I write because I will
I write what's on my mind
No need for memory
Or any sign of sin
Just some words from my mind
And here's where it begins
I sit in a room of hurt and despair
Maybe start writing about that girl crying over there
She seems so lifeless,
tired and weak
With long blonde hair covering her face while she weeps
They aren't always right
They aren't always true
They aren't always about me
But they're about something
I'm yet to find out what
They come from my mind
Sometimes from my heart
I can write of love
I can write of pain
I can write of hate
I can write in vain
But one thing I can't do
is say what I know
Because that young girl crying could ruin the show
The one in the corner
That one about the crying
is about him.

Every girl wants to be an eye of their guy's heart
and to be treated like their littlebaby

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