Wednesday, November 11, 2009

woke up at 9am tdy,
cab down to parkway for interview at 11am ^v^ ,
went to look for my BFF loves* as she's working......
waited for her frm 12pm to 6pm till she off work! wahahaha..
really miss her damn much! As b4 im bzy studying and she's bzy earning money..
XOXO.. so no time to meet as often...
she gave up her classes tdy,
and Gan Pa bought jus back to her ah ma's place.. and we walked home frm there...
she went hm to do housework as im slacking in her room..
was rather tired! but its all worth it ^v^

too bad another BFF of ours was working and couldn't join us =(

cam-whore at home =)
while Gan Pa bathing!
he might open the bath room door anytime and
see 2 siao char bo taking pictures outside the bathroom
and hearing laughter all the way when he's inside. xoxo
we're damn mad when we're tgt. hahaha..


she really look like a ghost!
so PALE.

aft snapping.. its kinda late!
need to cab down for shopping b4 its too late!
i step out of her house and saw this cat lying down like this..
i hate cats! but i find the position quite cute.. lol...

when we're shopping,
a guy actually approached me and ask if we could be frens,
*gave me a scare! he was like rushing towards me*
i didnt look at him and give him a firm NO!
and walked away.. WTH... we saw each other quite often outside
but of course i dont make frens with stranger like him la.. oh man..
sorry, i might be rude.. but im not prepare for such a "rush" scence like this =X
i carried this for the whole day!
i guess there is over 10kg lo... arghhh...
sugarrrr tot of playing pool.
so, we went pool fushion =)
im not a good player, tts y i dont really go for pool.
since my darling wants it den i'll jus gooooo.... hahaha
* Player 1 *
* Player 2 *
BFF caught this picture while im playing..
yeah, i look stress!

she stands and play! power!

Player 1 vs Player 2
im still happy la!
the very last time was coach by dada at pub =X
he's a Pro man! but at least i didnt disgrace him..
she must be very happy for me posting such a ugly pic of mine..
i was VERY hungry aft pool, so we went for MAC..
and she always likes to tk candid pictures of me and
didnt wan me to see it or it might be delete by me!
so, that she can treaten me! * DEVIL*

i can heard you giggling hor!
*Smack you!
my 9 years of friend, closest bestfriend of all.
still got 1 more! hahaha.. have to indicated if not she might kill me!
right "Miss Koh"??? =X

i came back like a santa clause! wahahah.. i bought ear rings and stuff,
and mummy wanted it so much! =( gonna buy more when i got my pay... BLEAH!
i found something damn HOT!
but korkor snatch it away frm me! RARR!!!

Quiping, dont worry dont get jealous! got HOT HOT stuff for u too =)
so nice of me right? heehee..

time check: 3.28am!
Good night, world!
lovesssss ("v")

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