Saturday, November 7, 2009

baby came to find me as i end late for my shoot..
sorry baby!

had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market!

its not easy to have baby to tk a nice snap =X

baby so cute la!

Friday, 6 November 2009

wanna thanks louis here for being my chauffeur of the day

went lunch with him,
casting for event jobs, - approx 1hr
meeting with MHD, - approx 1hr
dinner with him at vivo,
den sent me to work,
and he went off to meet his fren for movie...

thanks for spending time and waiting hours jus for me!
we went pet safari =) look at these adorable pet..

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Went interview =)

i got in for the 1st interview and yet i rejected them =(
as i dont like to work position like financial planner and stuff..
i have a concept that these people are like forcing ppl
to get them to buy insurance with them =X

went for the second interview,
its an agency.. so, they will jus sent my resume to other companys=)
and im shortlisted!
gg for interview this Tuesday =)
hope i got in! but even if it doesnt, i oso dont mind.. haha..
as im not prepared for it yet....
i wore blazer tt day! look damn formal... haha...
aft interview, meet dardar for my breakfast cum lunch cum dinner!
oh my... i was soooo HUNGRY!

it was raining heavily tt day.. i was drenched!
need not elaborate.. it was crazy!

super exhausted! i NEED my bed badly~ tataaaa...

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