Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry readers! i had been neglecting my blog for the past few days,
i do appreciate people asking how am i recently and
asked me to keep my blog updated,
i do appreciate your existence ^v^
Been working for the past few days...

i jus bought this new heels!
so proud for it.. everybody was saying it looks great on me..
yuppp.. love it! *its damn high!* =X that's why its called high heels! wahahaha...

slept at 4.50am,
was woken up by an photographer! argh..followed by dardar..
baby came to pick me up for lunch at teppan-yaki, went shopping for awhile =)
and baby goes back to camp and i went home to rest.. ^^

its was a sumptuous dinner tdy!
mummy ta bao dinner back home =P
Crab was the main course and Red wine was next *WINK*

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