Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bought this for my BFF Olivia!
2 BFF fall on the same month every yr! ahha..
but i got olivia's bdae a miss this year! sorry dear...
haha.. look at the box! it seems like the same shade as my bed sheet..

bought a silky elegant dress for my BFF ivy.. hope she LOVES it!
After class, Bebe came to fetch me frm sch..
and headed to Arenda country club for ivy's celebration.

Cake? hahaha

ivy was assemble everyone to the table while i sitting on the sofa..
janet and i was playing a fool! hahaha.. its was like my birthday?
sitting on the middle of the sofa.. haha.. Janet took this pic!

YES! i look very horrible in this pic.. was so so warm, messy and hungry!
hahaha.. i dont really like BBQ thou.. =X


seems like only two lonely lady at home celebrating bdae! ROFL!

There's actually alot of ppl!!! jus that everybody stand
sooooo far away frm her... LOL
and this aunty janet say she tired! so went to sit! *FAINT*
Janet LIM and Ivy KOH

everybody look as MESSY! wahaha..


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