Tuesday, August 19, 2008

✖ ANGRY! ✖

tdy is a terrible day... my mom fetch mi to tamp fer my hair dye.. den she went off le.. aft ard 1-2 hrs later.. she called mi..said tt there's a guy called my grandma..a guy crying over the fond pretend to be my bro..and there's another guy talk to my grandma said tt my bro had been kidnap by them outside his camp..(guess she say its impossible cux my bro is in camp) n they wan ransom of $30,000.. my grandma was so panic.. ~!!! ask whether if it is freddie o louis..den e person heard only louis (my 2nd bro) name..so the say tt louis is wif dem.. but my grandma is smart.. she even ask wat is his surname... the person don dare to answer back..den they hung up..aft hung up the fond.. e person call back ask if my grandma wanna pay up.. if nt they will chop my bro's hand n legs...tts is wat i heard frm my mom... den i help my mom to make a police report...(wat i cn say tt police r useless!forget it.. cut it short..)my mom,grandma n grandpa wen to my bro's camp..

HE's in camp lo... diao...~! my aunty n the aunty hu did my hair told mi tt they're frens ard dem receive such call b4..FUCK UP!! made my grandma cried so sadly... i cruse the person to DEATH! NB~! and my mom purpose to go meeting fer signing a v important contact behalf of her company... and she SKIP it!! the boss is unhappy at it... my mom thinking of quiting her job nw... ARGHH~!!! Y DO THEY NEED TO EARN THIS KIND OF MONEY FOR LIVING?? CB~!!! I CRUSE DEM WEN CROSSING THE STREETS KENA BANG BY CAR,WEN EATING KENA CHOKE,WEN BATHING SLIP AND HIT THEY'RE HEAD!!!! THEY WILL HAF THEY REVENGE ASAP!!! **sorry wor.. im too too angry le..**

aft tt dardar fetch me frm my aunty hse den we went bdk.. dar trade in his sony touch fone and bought nokia classic 6500... heex...! den wen back fer dinner!!!

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