Monday, August 18, 2008

>✖ HATES ✖<

> I ♥ Miss You <

jus finished talking to dardar on da fond... he having diarrhoea n vomiting nw.. i guess must b gastric flu ba.. ask him go see doctor he say expensive... DAR! tis type of money don haf to save de..sorry for talkin to u in tt way jus jus angry tt u're stubborn..anyway,im v disappointed tis few days!! i noe u'll bzy wif work.. but cn u at least gimme a call o msg?? i jus don feel im loved anymore.. mayb u'll say tt i've tink too much.. but i guess im nt... jus use 5mins to recall wat r we doing everyday...fetch mi frm work,eat,go hm,u use com i go bathe,u use psp den i use com,den slp....dar, i nd a little more attention frm u..i HATE tis kind of lifestyle... its nt lyk last tym.. we use to talk and play b4 bed..haix.. wen im at work.. i don feel lyk workin.. i MISS u! do u noe tt?? wen ya slping.. im looking at u.. don tink u noe tt too..weneva ur mum ask u to go back hm.. i felt sad and in da meanwhile don feel any diff wen u're at my hse n wen u're back hm... u reach hm.. call mi less den 1min say tt u wanna slp den we hung up.. o a msg says gd nite.. arghh!!! tis morning, i cant actually rmb wat we're talking abt.. n u said tt i always sandwich u...i tink i noe wat u're trying to hint alrdy..but,i've alrdy told u b4.. go back to ur hse and stay.. cux im so use to,to see u everyday... haix.. wateva i say u jus tink tt im throw my tantrum.. wanna chase u away blah blah blah~!!! wenever we talk abt it i'll jus cry wifout u knowing.... haix...sobx!

** i don wish to quarrel..wat i cn do is to type in my blog and cry silently ='( **

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