Friday, April 15, 2011

mummy's birthday

mummy's bdae!


dinner at Tung Lok Signature!

felt so warm hearted! =)

baby came aft work!

dress up for mummy *^^*

had only 5hours of sleep. pardon my eye bags!
pass mummy her bdae gift!

its a bag! =)

bought it frm takashimaya!
waitress cutting the duck skin.
thumbs up!

shark fins.
steam fish.
pork? i think so.
seaweed toufu. VERY AWESOME!
duck noodles.
one of the waitress wrote this poem esp for mummy *^^*

awesome serivce!

prize presentation? LOL
forever 21.
desserts to end the whole course.

removing my keychain's and stuff..

a screw came out frm my bag. and decided to dump it away.

=( heart ache! my pillow bag!

aft dinner, went for a walk.

mummy took cux of the pretty flowers. hahaha...

its a dustbin! LOL

they continue the journey while i headed to work!

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