Wednesday, February 2, 2011

an early 拜年

went ah ma's place 拜年 on sunday.
an early one. =D

dress code of the day.

my first time wearing an chongsam =X

it was raining very heavily! while waiting in the car for baby to deposit cash and
to buy oranges!

pardon my sick face!
having all kinds of virus on me!
u name it, i have it~!

spotted this at my grandms's place!

lets zoom in~!

bought some goodies for gandma n grandpa!
my ah ma watching tv!
i haven brush my hair =X

ordered mac but baby fetch my aunty to the market to get somethings.
so, my thoughful ah ma went to oven the fries! =) after bai nian,
i get changed! my aunty say im having fashion show! hahaha...
and we headed to JB! *^^*
our weekly rountine! LOL
cant be wearing chong sam to JB what?!
my cute boy!
he dress like that, reminds me of the day i first met him =X the guest of the week!
LOUIS! my second brother.
last week was my first bro.. what abt the next week? haha very dissappointing with the hair stylish!
she's like trimming he house's plant!!!
it took ridiculous 40mins to cut baby's hair!
they wanted to get some snacks and this attract us!

but it was nth special.
worst part, the lemonade drink looks like banana drink.
taste awful.

while their eating i cam-whore!
its to divert my attention as im sick! cant eat such stuff!
sleepy face >.<
i love them! feeling sick is soo terrible!!!

while shopping,
this HUGE bear caught my eye!!!!
ITS GIGANTIC FOR SURE! its raining the whole day =(
deciding where to go for dinner.
tot of gg back s'pore for dinner but the causeway was jam!
so, we decided to try this restraunt

watch soccer >.<"

baby's tom yam!

my prawn fried rice!
and louis's crab meat fried rice!
we tot its the red crab meat! but it came with the real crab meat!
but no taste de =(
baby did ordered another pattaya but it wasnt here aft 45mins!
aft we finished our rice too. damn! the service was damn!
it came aft we cancelled the orders. but still we cancelled it!
they deserve it!

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