Monday, December 6, 2010

NEX shopping mall

baby book out frm camp.
last few days of re-service!

LOL! my falses!

both my love.
baby told me that there's a new shopping mall.
and decided to bring me for a walk =)
pizza hut that i carved for 2 weeks.
AGAIN i walked pass pizza hut!
i asked dardar "pizza hut for dinner?"
dardar said "ok"
but knowing he dont really like...
me: Really? if u don want it, we look for something u likes to eat.
dardar: its ok.. u've been asking for 2 weeks alrdy!
me: LOL!
see!? he dote me soooooo MUCH!

i loved being pampered.
thank you baby!
(and this is the smile he'll give me when i said thank you, baby)
my frizzy hair =X
dont really comb my hair. hahaha..

(very cramp seat, whereby baby's chair was stacked behind me)

baby, usual.. with his HP!

no peace given when he's having dinner... off days.. or even re-service.
but it means equals moolahs! poor baby, so tired, always.
and never makes me smile..... he's newly bought watch for camp use =)
nice shirt too right?!

cux i buy de ma.. sure nice! hahaha...
very diluted cream of mushroom which serve us after our food =(
they're tooooo busy, i guess..

until we requested.
baby's prawn agili olio which is not very nice......

love the desserts altought its very different frm the pictures.
no chocolate flowing out >.<"

apparently, NEX is quite HUGE.
but i think due to the building structure, the pavement for us to walk are very narrow.
that is what i dont like abt it.. huge building but walking spaces very limited.

pizza hut staff locate us in a very cramp seats whereby pram cant event passed by.
the customer with pram tried to squeeze thur, when we hold on to the tables.
and yet it moved. cux he srsly, trying to forced thur the small pave.

aft eating, i stood up. left hand hitted the wall.. trying to massage my other hand,
but right hand got hit by the stacked up baby's chairs behind me.

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