Thursday, December 9, 2010


massive jam!
got a few bird drops on our car during Q-ing. damn bird!

im at JB again!

its with baby!
tell you something........
we going JB this time is bcux............
baby wanna get a electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking kind of thingy.
introduce by one of his re-service camp mates!!!!

i dunno if this time is for real again.....
but i chose to believe it~!
im sooooooo happy......!
i dislike smokers!


my eyes are not small!
did that on purpose! LOL

its a long trip to permas jaya's jusco.
very dangeous place!

wore red to match with baby,
this is the only one i can find at his place.

wore my fur fur slipper =D ah huh... this is jusco! got it? yuppp...
didnt find any there,
so made a trip back to holiday inn... and didnt capture any pictures le.
didnt bring my bag along, cux dardar bought his.
so yuppp.. a short one =)

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