Monday, November 8, 2010

Counting my blessings!


dar's day!
"darling and dardar"
Using Sony NEX 5! RESERVED!
lunch at vivo!
i always recommend my friends all the nice food i've tried.
this is one of the good food frm harbour front's banquet!
its the only store with Qnumber!
SEE, how good are their business?!

i usually dont like food court!
bcux food are expansive and sucky!
i prefer hawker centre then food court.
food are cheaper and nice! experienced cooks!
don underestimate the looks out of it!

but this stall is different! they're awesome!
ANYWAY, this is not an ads.
my baby boy.
bad hair day!
took baby's cap frm the car.
waiting for mam mam!!!
YAY, my beautiful nails!
NO DARDAR! i didnt waste money!
its sponsered by franc glamour! my black pepper crispy chicken.
dardar's sambal grilled fish. went for a walk.
YUPP! christmas is coming!
HOORAY!!!!!!!! bcux its gonna be.......
our 3rd anniversary this year! ♥
nope! no photoshop!
firstly, i dunno how to use.
secondly, i dont even have the SW. i hate the winkles beside my mouth when i smile.

otw, to fetch baby's mum for shopping!
have to get those ears for events on mon.

i didnt know what colour to get..
baby say black..
i think white is nice too..


this little girl has been tgt with us 3years =)
when i and baby haven get tgt
fetch baby's mummy to chinatown for shopping!
i got alot of stuff that day.. frm vivo to chinatown!

dinner at hawker! baby's fren's stall! baby's mummy!
i love meat balls!
shared with baby!
baby's mummy very hungry! hahaha...

A fruitful weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

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