Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JB Trip with Darling Jane.

Last min trip to JB,
darling msg me at 4.30pm asked if i wanna go JB.
i said anything,
she went over to my bf workshop to get my passport,
came to fetch me ard 5 plus 6pm,
darling was talking on the phone and went over to sengkang =XXX,
U-turn back to causeway.
slow jam and got in ard 7plus.

didnt get anything other than mummy's fav snacks!

aft ordering pizza,

i went toliet and came back with a surprise frm darling!

she passed me a LV box!


she said it was my late birthday present. OMG... so SWEET!

didnt meet her for couple of months le!!!
we got loads to catch up!

and last but not last i found 2 cockroaches at pizza hut's table.
and home with one (illegal immigrant) cockroach in my LV box!

lucky wasnt caught at custom without a passport. rofl.

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