Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happy birthday BFF.


(pictures was few years back)

we used to hang out tgt very often..
until i moved away frm east side.
we used to spent night tgt and talked our hearts out..
we nv fail to be there for one another.
we're as close as any other bff..
u couldnt believe we even bathe tgt at this age.
we dont tk jokes hard, cux we know in heart we love each other deeply.
we play hard and work hard tgt.
we shared every of our good things tgt..

i missed those times..
i dunno why aren't we close like we used to be.
i msged u but you didnt reply or even called back.
i dont know how come we are not on speaking terms anymore at all. totally zero.
whatever it is.. i dont think that our friendship is so fragile that others could enter to destroy it.
this will nv allow to happen. no ones know how close we are other than ourselves.
Pls call me,
i really miss you.
i really do.

i want we three to be like we used to be.

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