Monday, July 19, 2010



dardar came to pick me up from work
right after his work =X
wanted to watch inception but tickets was sold out!
even the time slots of 3.30am.. oh my..
was surprised that some of cine leisure shops does opens till late night.
as i went there aft my work ends, at 1am.

this lil cute pen caught my eye! whoohooo...

baby got it for US! heehee...
and went for supper at pastamania.
they operate till freaking 3am!!
poor worker..
i keep snapping at them.
they're so lovely!

and there goes dardar...
darling: **roll eyes** they all so cute can?


went back baby's place for movie that we've bought..
as i fell asleep aft 30mins of showing.

woke up at in the early afternoon,
as dardar continue to KOON till 4pm!

left home for breakfast cum lunch cum dinner at sembawang shopping mall.
baby's first time there! and it was my second time there! o.O

aft mam mam and a lil shopping,
went marsiling for Orange's BF surprise party.
His AWESOME birthday cake!
i and dardar was looking at each other and goes........ CHOCOLATE!
guess what their doing?
director (orange) and male lead (dardar) planning to do a short role play.

very efficient! both wear RED at the same time too..
my boy.
everything went smoothly.
Orange , Alex and his sister.


look how romantic to BBQ?
there isnt much lights out there..
so they lighted candles to see..
dardar went to get his touch light.
at least a little better! hahaha
better than nothing! =P

went off early..
tot of catching a movie but again.. inception was so popular!
went arcade!!! whoohoo...
we killed alot of aliens!!! errmmm.. i mean ME!

dardar lost 4 times and me? twice!

aft that he went to play his airplane game.. he's bloody good can!

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