Friday, May 7, 2010

♥ Due pictures

This will be a long post within the 2 weeks of miserable days.
off to the library!
its the only thing i could do everyday.

my motivation is on this!

get me out of this helll~

something different on this sem..

i actually went shooting and work as usual..
but i control myself frm all these temptation of earnings

last min of solo shooting at chinese garden.
its pouring cats n dogs.. im all WET!

its flooding.......


May day charity event at singapore island club!
very ATAS place..

we can only see lambo, ferrari, audi etc on these places..
it depends on ur status to get into this club.. whoooo...
we're under alibaba company =)
giving out free MOVENPICK ice cream!
very popular ice cream!

i rmb last time i bought 1 tube of ice cream home!
if im not wrong only town area sell it.

my job scope jus to stand ard.. but i actually did the scooping.. its fun!
all girls are located in different area..
they put me at the most crowded place..
i meet different people frm with regions.. HAPPY*

the guy was my partner..
he's there for some kind of attachment? i guess.
our area.
put on my sneaker shoe =)
haha.. of course it wasnt me la.. hahah.. there are alot of monkey there..
i tot of getting ice cream for them but i dunno if they know how to appreciate.
hop on my ride!
very nice place!
the staff is kind enough to bring me back to my meeting place..
but at the same time IRRITATING.. telling everyone we're siblings! F***
crazy guy.. so annoying! damn pissed!
hotel 81 boss =X

i went malaysia with baby some days ago =)
we're craving for our LOK LOK =) he treat my leg as a arm rest?

i love him...... still.. we're joining the jam as much as enjoying our new BRIDE seats =)

stupid expensive seat!

poor girl..
have to acc BF too when exam is ard the corner..

aft the massive jam...
we're there for sushi king!

we order loads of food!
while waiting for the food..
i jus cant do his signature smile! DAMN IT.
he's always to good at it.

dar dar pop out n see what im doing.. haha =X

baby's fishy

my cheesy
i love salmon..
anyway, we ate soft shell crab.. its awesoome! u gonna try it when u're there..
dardar went for haircut...
there a bunch of girls in front of us.. we tot their Q-ing so.. we waited outside..
a receptionist shouted: are u here for hair cut?
we said: yes..
she: den come in LA!
me n dardar: (look at each other)
FUCK HER LA.. does she need to use the fucking la when we're their customer!
we bring in money for her stupid pay..
went to trimmed my fringe a lil.. as its always giving me problem.
i think my hair stylish didnt do a good job the other time.
no diff right?
but i cost 18bucks..? damn.
i told dardar he can use the money and trim his hair at s'pore barber shop!

aft hair cut, we went for shopping!
and for movie! LONG LONG Q jus for that iron man!
cathay are smart.. charge higher rate for iron man! i noe its a long Q but we definatly can get a seat for earlier timing.. cus most ppl wont get couple seats as its more expensive..

and im right! only left with 3 couple seat =)
and the rest went for other timing for the normal seats!
JB ROX! hahaha

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