Saturday, February 20, 2010


took some picture on my lovely bouquet of flowers before it withers..

hmmm.. dunno why this picture ended up half way =X

second dress on chuer =) im supposed to meet brenden at 1245pm,
but at tt timing im still at home =X
tot of taking cab over,
but my brother is so willingly to bring me over
to pick brenden and to adrian place =)

had lunch at adrain place.. his mom is a GOOD COOK!
look at the amount jeff is eating,
even thou he jus had his lunch at home mins ago =X
look at mine and his amount of food..
he shall thanks to us =X
smelly guy..
wear this to suck our money!
adrain and brenden =)
love those dishes.
after lunch..
GAMBLE! tgt with his relatives..
i won a few bucks =X
and when over to jeff place to bai nian ^^
saw this at his place.. so cute can!
so i got this stupid idea to snap on these.. LOL
we laughed and played like hell..
hahaha... tired le..

even thou its jus three of us.

we gamble again!
i won a few bucks.. haha..

met baby at IMM,
treated him lunch with all my winnings =)
so nice right?
"human mustnt be selfish!"

when chun tao he pan with baby that night..

dinner at thai restaurant nearby!
bad experience.. we were pissed with the waitress! MTF!
table cloth jus on top of our culteries!

manager asked her to clean our table and she said she wasnt serving us..
manager was pissed at her too,i guess..

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