Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Louis Birthday ❤

18 Feb..
my second brother's birthday!
celebrating this special occasion at East Coast Jumbo Restaurant=)
Qui Ping.
my mummy my two brothers!

food that we ordered..
7 dishes.
another cut off picture! argghhh..
the cake i bought! i love this cake.. its damn nice can?
i bought it for baby's birthday, my birthday and now louis birthday..
its with biscuits in it... and it frm FOUR LEAF cake shop..

basically, i jus introduced it to everybody i knew..
haha.. good things have to be shared =)

hope his wishes comes true..

PS: STOP bothering him please..
leave him alone since you choose this path..
i jus dont get what you want frm him.. "FAKER"

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