Saturday, December 5, 2009

went to work with a new event company last night.. jus for 3 hrs =))) weee..
mingle job with a camp farewell..
so, coincidence i saw a car tt looks familiar bcux it printed baby's shop name..
and i was trying to find the guy who is driving tt car.. and i saw shawn! hahaha
it was his camp mates who organise and choose 8 girls including me!

i drank 10 tequila in 30hr time! oh gosh..
total 20 shots of tequila shots without salt and lemon, 3 cranberry with vodka and 2 beers..
oh gosh.. lucky, my elder bro came to fetch me! im so damn HIGH la..

anyway, one of the girls lost her phone.. i acc her to find other gals and wanted her to check everybody's bag.. but some gals left.. haiyo.. for goodness sake la.. why steal ppl's phone? as for me, i think the contacts and msges inside meant so so important...

another gal was dead drunk.. i carried her to the store to rest.. she was crying and hugging me that she doesnt want to drink anymore.. i felt like a elder sister la.. LOL.. some girls are so young.. 18 i guess? im felt so old now.. haha..

woke up at 6am today!!! i got very very bad experience.. i almost lost my index finger!!!!
yes.. very serious!!! i change the position of my ring to my index it too loose for me as i was worried i'll lost my ring while im working.. when i woke up at 6am i felt tt my index finger was very tight as blood wasnt flushing thur.. i think its too tight.. so i put some lotion on my finger and trying to pull it out.. but cant! blood was clogging towards my nails and was so bloated tt it cant be force out..and i push it back for awhile and tried again by using soap.. it cant be force out as my finger is as swollen and bloated as it was swollen bigger than my thumb.. im not kidding.. i force it the last time.. i felt tt my blood is going to burst out very soon!!! as my finger turn PURPLE!!! *not over reacting here.. but its the fact!* it was so so so scary.. i tot i might lost my finger.. after the ring came out.. i massage my finger.. it was very very very swollen and painful.. i couldnt sleep either.. i kept pressing and pinching and moving my finger to check if i lost any sense of touch.. whooo.. it was too swollen tt i couldnt bend my finger even now.. 2 small pieces of my skin came off.. argghhh.. damn horrifying!

meet aloy *my ex colleague frm sub*this morning, taught him business statistic!
im not very good at it la.. as i jus got "B" for that subject..
but i learnt frm my mistake and i hope i did help him alot..
hope he pass his class test with flying colours =)

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