Saturday, December 26, 2009


this year Christmas is aweesssome!!!!

baby got me this apple for my digital camera..
LOVE IT to the MAX!
our planning was to Sentosa.

got the flower hair clip again!
LOST 2 of that hair clip =(
oh no.. one was stolen =X
really love that APPLE la..
it was expensive, but baby insist of getting it.
*thanks baby!*
on the way to vivo..
i wanna recommend this western food at harbour front banquet (halal)
its the only stall that needs a Q number!
brought baby to try it.. and he said "No regrets!" =)
aft lunch, it was drizzling..
so we decided to cancel off the sentosa trip and
went shopping! heehee...

changed in car! lol..
i need less than 1 min =X

went vivo, harbourfront, city sq and kallang!
oppiissseee.. we got summons =X
F***ing 20bucks!
caught AVATAR at Kallang,
didnt want to go town..
its the director of titanic!
its an fantastic show! you guys gonna watch it...
Rating: 6.5/5 popcornsss!

YES! so good!

baby came to pick me up for dinner =)
b4 work..
i tot baby would be busy on, i decided to work..
but he wasnt =X

went bugis for shopping,
and this christmas tree caught my eye!
baby look funny in this pic,
maybe he's too shy =)
dinner at Ajisen!
MR octopus!
checking my phone?

oh ya...
Jean i got ur christmas card!
i love the duck duck sticker!
i keep touching it! LOL
jeff, darling and her fren came over to my workplace.
was wearing my cat women uniform >.<
the Christmas cap was given by the manager! LOL
my first Christmas cap ever! THANKS!
they're GOOD in drinking okay!
the whole bar was filled with balloons!
the waiter came at 3pm to get those balloons done!
YES! the whole bar! im serious... so amazing la..

i NEED revenge! arggghhh...

5 over ppl.. including waiter and manager was
in front of my table wanting to spray me! F**K...

it was so fun even though
i got sprayed! i got balloons blasted on me!
i got pops on me too..! Whooooo... FUN and CRAZY!
sorry darling!
i promise not to talk to other guys! =X

whats with the BALLS?

as if la jeff~

he looks hum sup! LOL
trying to act only la, jeff..
dont worry.. we wont tell ppl how short is urs =X

caught him cheating on us!

aft that baby came to pick me up on 2.30am
and went rounding with his frens.. heard that there are 50 over car racing =X
darling jane came to look for me again..
so fast miss me again le.. haha

went carls junior and was homed at 5am!

PS: i got my blogskin done! finally... not done actually..
will touch up again soon.. baby's coming over to fetch me and out for dinner and lan game with his frens?

PSS:: photoshoot tml morning! YAWN! need to sleep early tonight if possible =X

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