Saturday, December 19, 2009

16 december 2009, Wednesday

Darling's Jane's Birthday!
we celebrated two days with her..
how nice?
she came barnone to gimme surprise! weee..
love surprise!
love you darling!

louis and ****
*shit i forgot the other guy name =X
the manager keep passing me drink coupons..
i'm not wrong there are more than 10 coupons!

aft tt went river valley for supper and homed at 4am!
her friend didnt drinked enough.. but ytd was damn enough alrdy la!

15 December 2009, Tuesday

count down party for darling's bdae at dempsey.
cheekeong recomanded the sakae there.. but too bad.. it run out of stock.
ordered he so called "lower class sakae.."

we played lots of game.. everybody was so high!
total of 3 bottles of sakae.
didnt put any make up as i went shoot tt day,
went back to bathe and didnt wan to put any more make up..

i think i told you guys b4 i didnt like to make up,
i jus felt there's something on my face.. so uncomfortable..
will you girls feel tt too?

aft tt went orchard tower one of the pub,
darling's fren got balance there..

ard 3plus we went to nearby ktv sang till 5am plus..
home sweet home at 6am.. whooo...

PS: later celebrating her belated bithday at st james again! OMG

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