Monday, December 14, 2009

13 December 2009, sunday

Zoo Trip!
after lunch at yoshinoya..

members of the day:
baby, baby's sister, niece, jiejie's fren and me!

"we're going to the zoo zoo zoo,
how bout you you you?"

nanny of the day.

swollen eyes aft sore eyes! hfpmm..
ying ying.
how cute!

Gigantic fishy.
tts pretty jiejie.
a kid in him. xoxo
he's enjoying the trip too..

Free roller coaster.
spot the cat.
jiejie so scared of this!
hiding behind the cute la..
but yingying seems to like it..
kept going back to see it. lol
cant get any pictures of the small animal..
expect this!
these following are taken by the zoo photographer.
but the camera cannot make it =X

uncle and niece.

aft zoo trip,
we went ion for manhattan!
Hair cut and shopping as well..

11 December 2009, Friday

wedding dinner at Fullerton hotel.
baby's cousin's wedding.

look at the lovely princess gown!

so young already receive flowers! haha..
like uncle like niece!
*its getting popular now.. even my frens are asking
signature smile frm dardar! xoxo
nanny star of the day!
was with her where ever so walk..
but i still dont find it tiring.. =X
she's tired alrdy! lol.

12 december 2009, thursday
one of the LMC bro's wedding at mandarin hotel.
cab down to mandarin to wait for dardar.
he's too busy at work.

rose petal on his ear.
look like sherk? lol..

ate a little and rush of..
baby need to go back to his workshop of unfinished work.

2 days of wedding dinner
2 days of pay gone! $xxx

worked the other day at harry's bar.
selling super fights tickets!
love the muai thai outfit as in the pants!
someone's treats.
didnt want to drink as im not feeling very well..
but gonna show face a little =X
only drank a few mouth!
it taste like prune drinks.. lol..
some atas beer i guess.. couldnt rmb.
the pants jus go along with my nails =X

PS:Dont be jealous becux im better than you! xoxo

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