Monday, November 30, 2009

woke up by a call from my photographer tdy.
he told me that Hotstuff Photographer wants me to call him..
so, i called but still on the sleepy mode =X
and was asked to go Hotstuff office for casting..

anyway, its LOUIS again bring me here and there!
so thankful!!! we had our lunch at home,casting at east side..
he went back to my grandma's place to get changed and out to suntec!
he look good in tt hat!
was asking him to get one for himself since he's gg penang soon.
as that hat has an ribbon on it at the side! so wrong for a guy la.. LOL

his art piece (left) mine (right)
haha.. not becux he's no good la.. its the camera =X

he found himself a new toy.
same as dardar la.. cant tk proper picture.

went suntec to collect this precious name card holder.
its especially made for dardar's new workshop..
it cost a few more cents to $80!
Yay! very expensive, i wanna get this for dardar..
but he say share share.. cux very expensive..

every bits and pieces are the cost of it..
see the 4 numbers there?
its already 40cents each!

think abt the others..oh my..

killer heels =P

i simply love this bag!
aft suntec, we went haji lane for shopping!
bought blink blink for my nails.
first shop we went in,
i was this CUTE doggy! arhhh..
hello, my name is pepper!
he's so adorable! kept following me ever since i step in the shop.
so i carried this precious!
look! the owner behind calling police le! LOL
Louis bought this cap!
he was screaming that 1st shop he spent! hahaha
another expensive cap.. i invested $8 jus for him..
wore tdy with my Greek spec.

he look "cute" in this pic. LOL
was deciding where to go aft that. too bored!
so, we went bugis for shopping.

ignore the seat cover.. not a youngster's car..

there are more pictures ahead! haha..
Love the cap!

Love him!

aft shopping, we went central to meet orange, shirley and orange's fren (Alex)

for dinner at sun and moon restaruat. Hui fen couldnt join as its her 1 year anniversary!

Her bf, gave her last min surprise.. how sweet! =D

anyway, didnt tk much picture.. i was damn hungry and shirley was sick too!

speedy recovery gal! loves*

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