Sunday, October 18, 2009

went visiting today...
nah.. im not celebrating deepavali! >.<
went to visit my grandfather.. he is not well and jus discharge frm SGH..
im so heart broken when i visit him at SGH the other day.. yes! i cried..
my tears jus flow out by itself.. and i walked to the toilet without wanting anybody to see it..

his legs are swollen.. and jus in one night he turned to a different person..
not knowing what he was talking abt.. im not very good in hokkien.. therefore, i asked ard..
i heard frm mom and aunt tt he said tt hospital = hotel?
cant find his hp when he put it in his pocket?
called my grandma ard 5am? saying tt he's downstairs at the living room
ask her to come down now went he is in the hospital?
the next day,
doctor called my grandma ard 2am.. asking them to rush to hospital
as my grandfather is a wake and confusing etc... i dont really noe what actually happen..
my aunties and uncles rush down too.. i heard tt my grandfather hit one of my uncle..
it seems lyk an illness that all old folks has it right?

but it cant be jus one day a person completely changed..
hence, my mom brought my grandma to some godly place.. and took some "fu" for my grandpa.. aft apply it on his leg or something.. his condition turn better.. guess partly he accidently stepped on "something dirty" (our chinese saying).
Fortunely he is better now.. but still cant really walk around..

BB came over aft work and fetch me for dinner at "pan xie zi jia"
we ordered TWO CRABS! of course we can finish it tgt with his mom n uncle! =)
ordered chilli carb and black pepper crab!
PS: sorry no pictures for tdy.. last minute dinner with baby & family..

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